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At World Class Personal Training, it's easy to pick our clients out of a crowd. They constantly express their pleasure and satisfaction with their progress and results. They smile. They carry themselves with confidence. They have a positive body image. They are proud of their success.

Nowhere else in the Northern Virginia area will you hear success stories like those from our Herndon, Reston, and Great Falls VA clients. Many of our clients brave heavy traffic and long commutes specifically to work out with our personal trainers, because they know they are getting quality services that translate directly into developing good habits for a healthy lifestyle, a strong, lean body, and better quality of life.


When I realized that my trips to a regular gym were not enough to maintain my weight within a normal range and to re-gain strength and stamina that I had lost to aging, I started to work with WCPT trainers to focus on a holistic approach to my fitness and health. As a result of the expertise and experience that the trainers at WCPT have provided, I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, and re-gained physical stamina that I had allowed to deteriorate over the years of simply going to the gym to do a sub-optimal work out on my own. One-on-one training is truly different because your trainer becomes your coach and number one fan. The trainers at World Class Personal Training use their knowledge and expertise to clarify and define your goals while acknowledging your limitations and your possibilities. It’s because of them that I truly defined my goals and discovered what was possible for my body to achieve — a loss of 25 pounds, a 34% reduction in my total cholesterol, and lower blood pressure.


I have been going to World Class PT for almost 9 months now and I cannot tell you what a change I have seen in my 56-year-old body in that short time. When I first started going, I could barely bend my knees, and forget about doing anything that involved extended physical activity. I was an athlete in college and was appalled at how out of shape and overweight I was. We all have a body image and an idea of what we are able to do; my opinion of what shape I was in and what shape I really was in were two completely different things. So the trainer at World Class did a 30-minute trial session with me and we began that same week with 45-minute sessions.

In just a few months, my knees were actually able to do what knees should do! I thought all of the abuse they had taken over the years had taken them out of service. Nope ... my trainer figured out what I could do and built on that. He is a master at deploying different exercise routines and building on that slowly and methodically. More weights, more reps, different machines, different weights; each workout is different. No boredom here!

The gym itself is clean and has all of the equipment that you would find in bigger chain gyms. You can bring your own music and play it while you are training. This is a huge plus for me, as music really makes me work out harder and makes the time pass more quickly. Other gyms, you listen to what is playing if there is any music at all.

The staff are all professional; the front desk staff is a delight to work with in scheduling appointments and are also excellent cheerleaders! With World Class Personal Training, it’s personal. And that is a VERY good thing. Other gyms, you can just see the "UGH - another person to train for an hour" looks on the trainers’ faces. Here, it’s personal and the staff is very engaged in making sure you and they are doing everything to get you to the goals you have set for yourself. The trainers can also figure out if you are sandbagging or if you are stretched to your limit. So, if you want someone who will listen to you, not let you get away with sandbagging, hold you accountable to do what is asked of you, then this is YOUR place to work out. If you want a trainer that will let you stop and doesn't push you because he/she is afraid you may get mad and complain or leave, then this is NOT the place for you.

I cannot say enough good things about World Class. I feel so fortunate that I saw an advertisement for them; it was actually on a day that I was feeling particularly out of shape and feeling sorry for myself. One quick call, a 30-minute session, and now I am fitting into clothes I haven't worn in years. Even my friends are a bit jealous of the shape I have been able to get in in such a short period of time. Hats off to World Class Personal Training; I would not be in the shape I am in without them!


Working out with the staff at World Class Personal Training has totally changed my attitude towards exercise and fitness. After a series of life events threw me off my regular workout routine and drained my motivation, I knew I needed to find someone who could help me get back on track. When visiting the studio for the first time, I was impressed with the facility’s appearance and could tell immediately the staff was highly trained and very professional. During the first month I made more progress on my fitness and weight loss goals than I have at any other time, under any other program. After the second month I could see the changes in my body, strength, and overall self image. The trainers at World Class have helped me realize what I am capable of and like any good coach, push me to accomplish more. In addition to my sessions at World Class, I continue to supplement my training at my local gym, where I receive many compliments on the progress I have made.


After 3 years of bodybuilding training on my own, I was at a plateau and no longer seeing any improvements. I knew it was time for me to get some professional assistance in helping me achieve my true fitness potential. After shopping around the area for various personal training programs, I decided to commit to World Class PT because of its convenient location, clean facility, and committed trainers. All trainers at WCPT are knowledgeable and very supportive. They helped me blast through my training plateau and really helped add visible muscle to my chest, back, arms and shudders. Sessions are intense and well planned to maximize the effectiveness of each workout. Thanks for your help! Definitely worth the investment!


Like some of you I have been working out, mostly on my own, for many years. I really enjoy working out. I run, I bike, I have a few pieces of equipment in my basement, and I go to a gym when I can. And probably like most of you, I thought I knew all about 'working out'. But a chance but fortuitous encounter with one of the trainers at World Class Personal Training, led me to their studio where I found out quickly just how much I did not know. I’ve been a student there for some time now, and I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned about this business of working out. And I absolutely love my twice-weekly sessions!! My trainer keeps my sessions interesting and challenging; I have repeated some of the same exercises but every session has been a different combination of exercises, all specifically tailored to me and my goals. Regardless of your fitness goals, World Class Personal Training has everything you need to reach those goals. A final word of caution: Be prepared to work harder than you ever have, and be prepared to enjoy working out like you have never enjoyed it before.


So excited to be back working out with World Class Personal Training in their new studio, their trainers are the perfect motivator to accelerate my fitness goals for 2012 and replicate the success I had previously when I was a regular client. World Class Personal Training's affordable training packages can't be beat, and their training style and programming is customized to each client for a no-nonsense training session that keeps you challenged and your heart rate up to maximize the benefits. Quite simply, World Class is the best at what they do!


For years I have been exercising on my own doing a variety of workout videos including P90X and Insanity, dance classes and running. I have always avoided gyms because of the exorbitant fees, long lines for equipment, and sweaty environment. So I was a little hesitant when my girlfriend wanted me to join her for personal training sessions. However, seeing how much her body had changed in a few short months, I conceded and signed up with her for 8 sessions of personal training at World Class Personal Training and I am glad that I did. I was immediately struck by the appearance of the facility. It was extremely clean, orderly and had an impressive array of state-of-the-art equipment. But I was even more impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of my trainer. He provided customized routines that pushed me beyond my current level. While I was not unhappy with my body prior to starting the personal training sessions, I am extremely happy with the results I am seeing after 4 short weeks. I definitely plan to continue my sessions at World Class Personal Training!


I got introduced to World Class Personal Training through a friend. Many thanks to him first, as without him I wouldn't have learned much about personal training.

I started off with a trial session, liked it and decided to join. My initial workouts were 30 minute sessions (3 times a week) for three months. After that I moved to 1 hour sessions (3 times a week). In the first five months of personal training I achieved results beyond my expectation. When I started, my Body Fat was 22.9%. Now my Body Fat is 16.5%. In the beginning, I couldn't even do one pushup or pull-up. But now I can do 30 pushups and up to 12 pull-ups nonstop. I tried Gold’s Gym, YMCA and Lifetime fitness before, but I have never achieved great results in a short period of time. My trainer at World Class Personal Training keeps pushing me that "You can do this, you can do this!" whenever I give up during training. He keeps track of my progress and knows when to adjust the weights or change the exercise routine.

The World Class fitness studio is always super clean filled with top notch gym equipment. I learned a lot about how to use gym equipment and about different types of strength exercises. I was doing guess work in the gym before joining World Class Personal Training, but now I know exactly what I am doing. I was also suggested the best of protein supplements and other pre/post workout supplements. Protein supplements helped me a lot in building muscle. I was also instrumented to do the High-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio program on my off-training days and that helped me a lot in losing body fat.

Overall, I am very much happy that I took the right decision in joining World Class Personal Training and achieved great results. I am looking forward to continuing my training at World Class in order to take my body and fitness structure to the next level. Thank you World Class Personal Training for all your help and support!


My first visit to the World Class Personal Training studio was to discuss a photoshoot event for the studio. As soon as I walked in, I was impressed with the bold colors on the walls and the quality of the equipment that was set up. Talking to the trainer who was on site, I was even more impressed with the expertise and knowledge that he held about personal training. After the photoshoot was over, I decided to join World Class and receive training services. I currently train three times a week. With each workout, I feel my body is shaping and I’m growing more muscle and physique! My trainer makes me work hard; he pays attention to my posture during exercise and takes my fitness levels to the max! I recommend everyone in the Northern Virginia area to consider training at World Class Personal Training! They are simply the best! And better than all the rest!


I had been overweight for most of my adult life (I’m 53), and I rarely exercised. The thought of working with a personal trainer never once crossed my mind. In 2011, I entered a medically supervised weight-loss program and started working with a trainer in the doctor’s office. That was great because we started very slowly and over the course of a year I made a lot of progress. When that program ended, I started working with a trainer at a posh health club, but the cost was outrageous. So, I started looking for a less expensive training option.

Meanwhile, World Class Personal Training had recently opened in Herndon, so I called and signed up for a trial session. What a difference from my other experiences! I saw very quickly that their trainers offered exactly what I needed – help with maintaining weight loss and building more strength and endurance. I signed up right away.

I’m not knocking my other trainers, because they helped me get ready to work at World Class. And I am working my ass off – literally!

My three-times weekly workouts are fast-paced, intense, and very challenging. I progress with every session. My trainer encourages and challenges me to keep going, work hard, get better and stronger. In a half-hour session, I do cardio and strength training and rest between sets. It’s serious, but also fun. My trainer stretches me out at the end of each session, which keeps me from being too sore.

The programs are very reasonably priced and worth every cent. No time is wasted. The studio is cool and clean, the equipment is in tip-top shape, and I can even go in a little early to warm up on the treadmill or exercise bike. World Class Personal Training is the perfect fit for me.

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